Lenny Mendonca Talks About Challenging Both Parties to Move California Forward

Created: 05 December, 2017
Updated: 21 November, 2022
1 min read

This week, T.J. O’Hara is joined by Lenny Mendonca on the IVN podcast, A Civil Assessment.

Lenny Mendonca is a Senior Partner Emeritus from the Washington D.C. and San Francisco offices of McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. He is a Lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and co-chair of California Forward. He is also an advisor to several entrepreneurs. Over the course of his career he helped dozens of government, corporate, and nonprofit clients solve their most difficult management challenges.

The two discuss CA Fwd in general, and the current projects. CA Fwd is driven to make the promise of the California Dream attainable for all. Its mission is to inspire better decision-making by governments at all levels in order to grow middle-class jobs, promote cost-effective public services, and create accountability for results.

They delve into gerrymandering and look at independent commissions in California and Arizona, as well as opening up primaries, money in politics, alternative voting methods, partisan manipulation of legislative procedures, and more.