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Gary Johnson Says No to 2020 Run; Predicts Trump's Future

by Thomas A. Hawk, published

Gary Johnson spoke with Fox Business' Neil Cavuto Wednesday, October 25, where he announced that he has no plans to run in 2020. He says he had his shot, but ultimately the system boils down to two political parties.

Further, Johnson laughed at the idea that the largest voting bloc in America -- independent voters -- was being represented by President Donald Trump and said he does not think Trump will win re-election.

Johnson held a rally on the steps of the US Supreme Court Thursday to raise support for the ongoing anti-trust lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Johnson and fellow appellants -- including former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, the national Libertarian and Green Parties, and affiliated organizations -- are petitioning the high court to ask the appeals court to hear the case.

Johnson and the grassroots group Our America Initiative also held an online money bomb Thursday simultaneously with the rally to raise money for additional legal fees.

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