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Trump Impeachment March Draws Hundreds of Protesters, Counter-Protesters in San Diego

Created: 02 July, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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San Diego, CALIF. - The weekend before July 4 was more than a moment of celebration for some. Some spent their Sunday morning and early afternoon protesting the Trump administration and its policies. More specifically, many protesters took to the streets calling for the impeachment of the president.

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the San Diego County Administration Center in Waterfront Park Sunday morning. The Trump Impeachment March was just one of many protests that took place across the US, calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

Impeach Trump March

There were a number of speakers lined up for the event, including former California Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña.

Former California Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña

Trump Impeachment March

"We need you to continue these protests, continue resisting, and speak to everyone, including [Trump supporters], and that's how we win. We lead from the front and we ask them to follow from behind," Saldaña told the applauding crowd.

But it was not just Trump protesters out in force, but a group of counter-protesters showed up as well in support of the president.

The two groups intermingled at various times, but peace was maintained. Several San Diego police officers, security guards, and other law enforcement were present to make sure things remained civil.

Trump Impeachment March

Trump protesters cited a number of reasons why they believe Trump should be impeached. These include alleged ties to Russia, which members of his team are still being investigated and have not been proven, "abuse of power," the travel ban, "unpresidential behavior," and other reasons.

Trump Impeachment March

Supporters of the president, however, say Trump is on the right track when it comes to cracking down on illegal immigrations and keeping the US safe. They maintain that policy positions like the wall and the travel ban on 6 countries in the Middle East are important steps that need to be taken.

Trump supporters argue that this is why he was elected.

Trump Impeachment March

Grassroots activism is certainly alive and well in the US. In fact, 2017 politically could be characterized as the year of protests and marches. From the Women's March, to the March for Science, to the Impeachment March, thousands of voters are taking to the streets to be heard.

Event organizers in San Diego claim Sunday's Trump Impeachment March was the second-largest in the nation, second to the march in Los Angeles.

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