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Poll: Americans Want Congress, Media To Move On From Russia

by Jeff Powers, published

Perhaps this is not a surprise to most, but the majority of Americans are over the Russia investigations.

The latest Harvard-Harris poll, shows the majority of voters (64%) believe the investigations are hurting the country. And get this, most voters (56%) want Congress and the media to move on to other issues.

According to the poll, Americans are clearly more concerned with healthcare, terrorism, the economy, and jobs.

There is, however, strong support for the independent special counsel investigation of Russia and President Trump. A Harvard-Harris poll released last month found 75 percent support former FBI Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Even so, most voters (73%) are worried the Russia probes have caused the nation’s lawmakers to lose focus on the many issues facing Americans today.

The poll shows strength and consistency along party lines: 81 percent of Republicans, 74 percent of independents, and 68 percent of Democrats agree that it's time to move on from Russia.

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