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198 Million Americans' Personal Data Exposed

by Jeff Powers, published

Considered the largest breach of voter data in history, a firm working for the RNC left databases containing the personal information of more than 198 million voters exposed on an unsecure Amazon cloud server.

Birth dates, home addresses, phone numbers and voter registration belonging to nearly 200 million people registered to vote in the U.S.

Chris Vickery, a cyber risk analyst for UpGuard, discovered the breach.

The database also contacted a 50-gigabyte file containing modeled data on a voter's position on 46 different issues, including how likely it is the voter supported Obama in 2012, whether they agreed with President Trump's "America First" foreign policy and how likely they were to be concerned with auto manufacturing as an issue, for example.

The data was stored on a server belonging to Deep Root Analytics, which compiled the information with two other RNC contractors, TargetPoint Consulting and Data Trust.

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