Collision Course: Budget Showdown in the Land of Hypocrisy

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 24 April, 2017
Updated: 21 November, 2022
3 min read

It is certainly a big week in the land of hypocrisy.

Tax reform, Obamacare, the border wall, and a possible government shutdown are all on the table as Congress wrestles with progress and its 17% approval rating.

Political experts note that if President Trump is able to get through the next two weeks with any semblance of achievement on those three crucial points, defeating him in 2020 will be incredibly difficult.

And, with much at stake, get ready for an overdose of alternative facts.

Get ready for Washington hypocrisy and talk of gridlock.


Will Democrats loosen the jar on tax reform?

President Trump is expected to outline massive tax reform for corporations and individuals Wednesday. At least one source in his administration cautions the entire picture won’t be presented until June. And the failure of the health care bill is complicating the timeline.

Paul Ryan has said tax reform is much more difficult to achieve without repealing Obamacare.


Will Republicans, vexed over the remaking of Obamacare, finally pass a reasonable alternative after their much-heralded failure two months ago?

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President Trump is pushing the House to vote on a Republican health care bill this week.

The discussion is the second effort after the first ended in an unsightly and damaging ideological rift among House Republicans. Trump would like them to pass their signature campaign promise — repealing Obamacare — before his 100th day on Friday.

And while it’s not impossible for a vote this week, the leadership isn't likely to let members vote on it unless they have a majority — 216 Republicans.


And will Trump’s border wall, one of his signature campaign promises, be sacrificed or be a centerpiece in this art of a deal?

It’s becoming clear that the inclusion of funding for the border wall, one of President Trump’s signature campaign promises, could prove quite the monkey wrench in passing a new budget.

Trump has added $3 billion to the budget for border security and the construction of the wall, as well as $30 billion more for defense spending. Democrats have made the border wall a wedge issue, and that if pressed to fund the wall, it could blow up any budget negotiations.


If a deal isn’t struck, Dems will be doing to Trump what Republicans did to Obama -- delay, deceive, and deny any proof of progress.

In the land of hypocrisy, the only thing that matters is if the table is tilted in your favor. Power is the only game in town, and Republicans absolutely have it. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see it absolutely doesn’t corrupt?

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Hating the other guy in Washington is nothing new. But what happens in Washington apparently doesn’t stay in Washington. The percentage of people who disapprove if their children marry someone from the other party has spiked from 5 percent to 40 percent in recent years. Yikes.

Independent political analyst Lara Brown noted this, "The other side is not just your opponent, but bad and evil, everyone flips positions based on who's in power."

After the most divisive election in our country’s history, one would hope Congress was listening. Huge issues are on the table and the American people want solutions. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or independent, it certainly would be refreshing to see some consensus in Washington. Certainly less hypocrisy, and more accountability would be a good place to start.

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