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Jennifer Lawrence, Sia, Others Share Heartbreaking Story of Corruption

by Represent.Us, published

Los Angeles, CA – Today Jennifer Lawrence, Sia, Ed Helms and others shared a powerful video showing the personal cost of corruption and a plea to their follower to tell similar stories, and it’s working. Represent.Us is collecting stories about the personal cost of corruption at

This video has already reached almost 1 million people. It tells the story, originally reported by CNN, of baby Amelia who was only 10 months old when she underwent the surgery that killed her. The surgery should never have been allowed to take place, but due to a series of pay-to-play political decisions that prioritized profit over the health and safety of babies, it was.

“Corruption affects all of us, but so many people don’t recognize it. We need to tell each other our stories. We need to show that everyone – our neighbors, our families, our community leaders– everyone we know is touched by corruption.” Said Jennifer Lawrence in a Facebook post. She asked people to share their stories, and already people are answering her call to action and speaking out about what our corrupt political system has cost them. Facebook post here.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re conservative, liberal, Republican or Democrat, this is affecting you and we all need to fight it together.” Said Ed Helms in his Facebook post and tweet.

Other notable sharers include Sia, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, D.A. Wallach, on Facebook and Twitter, Hannah Cranston, who tweeted about the video, and Attn and No Labels.

Represent.Us, the group behind the video, is the nation’s largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign, bringing together conservatives, progressives and everyone in between to fight our corrupt political system and pass anti-corruption laws in cities and states around the country.

“This tragic story proves that corruption is not some abstract political issue. Corruption is a problem that hurts real Americans every day.” Said Josh Silver, Represent.Us Executive Director. “These stories expose our broken political system for what it really is, and present an opportunity for us work across the aisle to build a better future.”

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