Nonpartisan Election Reform Introduced In Another Battleground State

Author: Kaila Cooper
Created: 13 April, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
1 min read

North Carolina may be jumping on the “Top-Two” train. A house bill introduced this week, H.B. 737, would reform the current partisan open primary system to a nonpartisan, top-two primary similar to the systems already in place in California and Washington state.

H.B. 737 was introduced by state Reps. Ken Goodman (D-Rockingham) and Pricey Harrison (D-Greensboro). It would put all state and congressional elections on a single primary ballot where all voters and candidates, regardless of party affiliation, participate.

In the current system, any eligible voter may vote in any party’s primary election, but each party has a separate partisan primary election.

The new bill still allows for write-in candidates in the general election. However, if a candidate is on the ballot in the primary, they cannot be a write-in candidate in November.

In regards to vacancies, parties or committees are currently given the jurisdiction to choose a replacement without a vote. H.B. 737 would require the governor to hold an election to fill the seat or office.

Read the full bill:

Photo Credit: ESB Professional / shutterstock.com

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