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Kellyanne Was Right! Microwaves Can Turn Into Cameras

by Kendall Shain, published

It's just not the kind of microwave you use to heat up a bowl of soup.

Many will recall the comment made by Kellyanne Conway on MSNBC a couple weeks back regarding the Trump wiretap allegations, where she made an offhanded remark about “microwaves that turn into cameras.”

Conway defended her interview in a series of tweets.

This defense didn’t stop the internet backlash, as it didn’t really address the microwave comment in particular. Conway was widely criticized for her remarks, and many took to Twitter to poke fun at the microwave camera claim.

An alt Twitter account was even created for the occasion.

The funny thing is, Conway was somewhat correct in her claim about microwave cameras, just perhaps not in the way she was intending to be.

Thursday, WikiLeaks tweeted in Conway’s defense, claiming that yes, microwaves can turn into cameras. However, WikiLeaks isn’t referring to the innocuous kitchen appliance.

WikiLeaks is referring to work going on at MIT where:

“..they’ve been working on a prototype for a time of flight microwave camera which can be used to image objects through walls, in 3-D. A microwave camera is sort of like a cross between a visible light camera and a radar imaging system, incorporating some of the advantages of each.”

Has Kellyanne been vindicated in her claim? Probably not, unless she has been keeping up on the cutting edge microwave research happening at MIT, but to her defense, Conway has plenty on her plate.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

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