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Joe Piscopo, Considering Independent Run for N.J. Governor, Calls Russia Collusion Story "Comical"

by Thomas A. Hawk, published

The people at Mediaite interviewed comedian and talk show host Joe Piscopo about all the news coverage on Russia and Russia's alleged ties to the Trump administration. Piscopo, who is reportedly considering an independent run for governor in New Jersey, called the whole thing "comical" and "ridiculous."

It’s a ruse. It’s a joke. They got nothing. The Russia thing is comical because it won’t go away … and I ask this, I ask this with respect, with respect to the Russian theorists — you talk about conspiracy theories, I mean, this is what this is — did the Russians come to my county in Jersey in the middle of nowhere and did they hack into my mechanical voting both so when I switched — I voted for somebody, they switched my vote? I mean, get to the — there’s no way they could hack it! If they hacked into the Democratic party, if indeed they did, who cares? They think, like, the voters are dumb. We’re not dumb. We know what’s going on. - Joe Piscopo

The Russia-Trump story has become the drama that never ends in Washington, with new stories popping up almost at an hourly basis of allegations or something new on Capitol Hill. The most recent development involves comments made by House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes, suggesting that the intelligence community may have indeed unintentionally spied on Trump and his associates.

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Some members of Congress, such as U.S. Rep Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are now suggesting that Congress should not move forward on anything related to Trump's agenda until the FBI's Russia-Trump investigation is completed, something that will take time.

Lieu calls for a "total and complete shutdown" on any legislation that might advance Trump's agenda.

However, what would this mean for U.S. policy? Would Congress then cease action on anything pertaining to tax reform, health care, the budget, immigration, infrastructure, etc. just because Trump happens to have something to say about the issue? And is Joe Piscopo right? Has the whole thing become a joke?

What do you think?

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