With Neocons Left and Right, Where's the Alternative?

Created: 22 March, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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While many people associate the neoconservative, or "neocon," ideology with the Republican Party, it actually has roots in the Democratic Party. Now, its hawkish ideals are deeply engrained in both major political parties, which means that when it comes to foreign policy, the duopoly leaves us little alternatives.

According to the Britannica encyclopedia, neoconservatives:

"contend that power—military, economic, or political—that is unused is for all practical purposes wasted. The military might of the United States should be employed around the world to promote American interests."

This ideology often supports regime change as well as involvement in foreign countries, both of which have become normalized in our recent history.

The neocons were a notable sect of the Democratic Party in the 70s. However, as is discussed in the above video, "[The neocons] left the Democratic Party when the Democratic Party started turning anti-war against the Vietnam War and they turned to the Republican Party. And now they are returning to the Democratic Party now that it's pro-war."

When it comes to matters of war and military presence abroad, there is no middle ground between the Republican or Democratic Parties anymore. There is no moderate position. The anti-war left, who came out in force during the Bush administration, are nowhere to be found now.

After so many years of U.S. intervention, regime change, and the like, those who suggest an alternative are stigmatized as un-American. And anyone who touts a more non-interventionist message is immediately cast off to the fringe of American politics, and never allowed to move far up the political ladder.

Thus, in a system controlled by the Republican and Democratic Parties, Americans are left wondering who they can turn to for real change.

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