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Schumer's Crocodile Tears and Trump's Gay Executive Order

by Thomas A. Hawk, published

We see it every day. Go on Facebook and you might be convinced that Hitler has been reincarnated as a Hotelier-in-Chief.

Unfortunately, few people engage with the hysteria coming from the left. Why would they? If you're not scared, you're either a white, privileged, male, homophobe, xenophobe, racist, or an antagonist of the America way of life.

So, the silent majority that fooled the pollsters watch on the sidelines as the vocal minority protest Trump's first week as "führer." The same media outlets that misdiagnosed the election search for the disease in America on cardboard signs and under pussy hats.

But what if our consternation wasn't so one-sided? And what if the radical extremes speak in the most compassionate tongue?

This is the problem with partisan politics. A polarization of reality, emotion, and even facts becomes so strident that those in the middle can't point out simple truths that would seem to suggest that all those signs of protest are written in divisible ink from the echo chamber of a reality created in an adversarial condition.

What if, for example, we listened to Bill Clinton's speech from 1995 when he called on "moving aggressively to secure our borders" and "speed the deportation of illegal aliens"?

What if we, for example, pointed out the hypocrisy of Senator Schumer's crocodile tears given his public statements about the need for stricter immigration controls just over a year ago?

And what if President Trump just extended President Obama's executive order requiring the equal treatment of the LGBTQ community in the workplace -- becoming the very first president in history, Democrat or Republican, to support equal rights from the commencement of his administration?

From a quote on CNN:

"Donald Trump campaigned promising to be a 'real friend' to the LGBT community, and now President Trump is delivering on that commitment," said group president Gregory Angelo. "Log Cabin Republicans is proud to have directly lobbied for this important preservation of LGBT equality in the federal workforce."

And what if we thought about the dangers of a judge, a member of the JUDICIAL branch, wearing a pussy hat on her head IN A COURT OF LAW and IN HER CAPACITY AS AN ARBITRATOR OF JUSTICE, to make a political statement -- slicing through the sacred separation of law and politics?

Well, maybe we'd see some of the hypocrisy of the left. Maybe we'd understand the shift of the silent majority toward the right.

And maybe we'd look into a mirror instead of shouting through a megaphone for the best way to prevent a new Hitler from coming to America.

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