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Top 10 Things that Trended During Inauguration

by Debbie Benrey, published

January 20 marked the day that Donald Trump took the Oath of Office as the 45th President of the United States. From multiple protests around the country, to thousands of supporters in Washington, D.C., memorable speeches and some questionable wardrobes, take a look at what people said during Inauguration Day:

Trump started the day very early, preparing for the ceremony that would “continue the movement, and begin the work.” #PresidentTrump

Later, the country joined him on the social platform, to express their feeling regarding the new leader of the free world. Previous to the ceremony, many pointed out the crowd – or lack of, at the National Mall. #Mall

Some highlighted the irony of Trump being “hired” by the American people. #YoureHired

Trump supporters weren’t so happy with some of the people present in the stage. #Schumer

During the speech, many celebrated the peaceful transfer of power, and wished luck to our new president. #GodBlessAmerica

Some of President Trump’s remarks, including his mention to eradicate “radical islam” were not missed by the thousands of active tweeters. #RadicalIslam

And people didn’t miss the chance to talk about some of the “most fashionable” people at the ceremony. #KellyaneConway

Surprisingly, of all the Trump Family members, Barron Trump was the only one to trend along with his dad. #Barron

All in all, it was a memorable day in Washington, D.C., with the beginning of President Trump’s administration. #InaugurationDay

After the ceremony concluded, President Trump headed back to his Twitter headquarters to reaffirm his words to the American People. #DonaldJohnTrump

Finally, Trump shared his first message from the official POTUS account.

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