Here Are the Major State Issues on Ballots This November

Author: Countable
Created: 02 November, 2016
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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On November 8, voters across the country will be casting their ballots not only for presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial candidates — but also for a variety of initiatives, referenda and propositions that will affect their state.

It’s not an exhaustive list, but we’ve broken down many of the major ballot measures from across the country. See if one will be on the ballot in your state below:


Amendment 8: Right-to-Work Constitutional Amendment


Proposition 206: Marijuana Legalization


Issue 6: Medical Marijuana Legalization


Proposition 60: Requiring Condoms in Pornographic Films

Proposition 61: Prescription Drug Price Caps for State Purchases

Propositions 62 and 66: The Death Penalty

Proposition 63: Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases and Large-Capacity Magazine Ban

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Proposition 64: Marijuana Legalization

Propositions 65 and 67: Plastic Bag Fees


Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana Legalization


Amendment 1: State Oversight of Failing Public Schools


Question 1: Adding the Right to Hunt and Fish to the State Constitution


Constitutional Amendment 1: Adding the Right to Hunt and Fish to the State Constitution


Question 1: Marijuana Legalization

Question 3: Background Checks for Private Gun Sales

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Question 5: Ranked Choice Voting

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