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AMC to Host 'Red' and 'Blue' Theaters on Election Night

by Steve Peace, published

AMC Theaters just announced that they will open their theaters for election coverage, an innovative and great idea.

I can also appreciate their decision to designate separate screens for "Red" fans and "Blue" fans. However, that decision underlines the partisanship that is responsible for an increasingly dysfunctional democracy.

Putting aside the obvious failure to include an option for Libertarian, Greens, or a third of Americans who choose not to affiliate with a party, those of us more concerned about our ability to unify after the election might prefer an option to start that process on Election Day.

How about a third choice for those of us who believe that politics should not be a blood sport? A place where folks who disagree with each other can share the transition from campaign time to a more respectful post-election unity.

How about it AMC? An IVN Unity Screen at every theater. Give Americans a chance to tell our politicians that, contrary to the partisan press, we are far less divided than they are.

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