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Support Grows for Chargers Measure

Created: 08 October, 2016
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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San Diego, CALIF.- Support for the Chargers downtown stadium measure is gaining steam. Mayor Kevin Faulconer recently announced his support, as have a number of other key community businesses and stakeholders.

The following article first appeared on the San Diego Union-Tribune October 3, 2016:

"Yes on C makes sense.Even if none of the rest of it does.If you want the Chargers to stay in San Diego, you should vote for their possibly convoluted, seemingly under-funded, no-chance-in-hell measure that will go before voters on Nov. 8.How’s that for advocacy?It’s the best we can do at this point.If you one day want to see the San Diego Chargers in a new stadium — which is the only way they will forever be the San Diego Chargers — you vote Yes on C. No matter what you think of the team’s ownership or campaign or a past far more sad than glorious, no matter the team’s current win-loss record or the coach’s job status, you vote Yes.The good thing is that if you’re a Chargers fan, you are used to supporting losing causes.That’s what Mayor Kevin Faulconer has done.His Honor gave the public thumbs up after winning concessions from the Chargers that protect the city’s general fund and assure the team stays until its debt is paid off and replace supplanted parking and yada yada yada.'It’s important I put financial protections in place that sets the stage not just for Measure C but beyond,' Faulconer said Monday morning."

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