Measure K Opposition Gets Vocal

Created: 08 October, 2016
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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San Diego, CALIF.- There is a battle brewing over election reform in the City of San Diego. Measure K would fundamentally change the way candidates are elected.

City Councilman Chris Cate, who helped in writing the ballot statement against Measure K stated, "San Diego deserves better. Measure K was rushed, has not undergone thorough legal review and will take millions away from streets and public safety. Vote No and support more effective alternatives to increase voter turnout."

The following is from a Voice of San Diego article that first appeared August 29, 2016:

"Republicans are prioritizing the measure now because they’re outraged by the process by which Democrats put it on the ballot – skipping the committee dedicated to reviewing charter amendments – and the implicit argument it makes that some of their races were won illegitimately.'The reasons it provoked so much hostility was that no attempt was made at consensus or bipartisanship, they were not given the normal hearings and research for charter amendments and on top it if all, the issue was presented as an insult to the legitimacy of elections,' Republican strategist Ryan Clumpner said. 'Of course they’re pissed.'The argument against the measure that will appear on the ballot was signed by an executive at the local Chamber of Commerce, Faulconer and three Republicans on the City Council: Chris Cate, Scott Sherman and Lorie Zapf. Faulconer, Zapf and Sherman were each elected in June primaries."

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