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Gary Johnson: Republican Party Will Die As a Result of This Election Cycle

by Kendall Shain, published

2016 has been an election year unlike any other in recent history. With both major party nominees so strongly disliked, people have begun to wonder what the future of political parties in the U.S. might look like.

The Republican Party, in particular, seems to have lost complete control of its base as party voters have chosen a nominee that is strongly disliked by GOP officials. Trump is so hated by the GOP that 50 top party officials signed a letter claiming a Trump presidency would be a threat to national security.

Many top Republicans are predicting the death of their own party as a result of Trump's nomination. Former President George W. Bush reportedly mused, “I will be the last Republican president.”

Public disillusionment with the major parties has led many to seek another option. Libertarian Gary Johnson's campaign has made incredible progress despite the lack of media coverage and a fraction of the money available to the major party candidates.

At the University of Chicago Friday, a student asked Governor Johnson where he sees the future of the Libertarian Party. Johnson answered:

“I really think that the Republican Party is going to die as a result of this election cycle — I really do think that. I potentially see the Libertarian Party as supplanting the Republican Party…I think moving forward there will be a lot more Libertarians on the ballot.” - Gov. Gary Johnson

Johnson hopes, win or lose, the impact of his campaign will be “the death of the two-party system— this is a rigged game.”

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