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Measure I: Balboa Park & San Diego High School

by Kaia Los Huertos, published

San Diego, CALIF.- Measure I regards the leasing of Balboa Park lands to San Diego High School. A "yes" vote would continue the lease of Balboa Park lands to San Diego High School, allowing the students and the campus to remain.

Approval of Measure I would authorize a new lease for the school and allow the use of park lands by the high school.

Proponents argue against displacing the school's students onto other campuses, as well as against the waste in tax money to find a new site and build a new school.

If Measure I does not pass, the 34 acres would return to the city for park use by 2024. The high school campus would likely be demolished.

Opponents argue the land should be reverted to public park uses, and find that there are a number of potential locations for San Diego High to rebuild on.

City Councilmember David Alvarez was a San Diego High attendee who remembers the frequent field trips to museums. Councilmember Alvarez argues students have the opportunity to appreciate Balboa Park's importance when their school is part of the park, and shapes its curriculum.

San Diego Unified has withheld an investment of $30 million for improvements to the campus until the leasing controversy is resolved. The school has occupied the southwestern corner of the park since 1882. In 1974, a lease was signed to legalize the high school's occupation of park lands.

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