Measures K & L Get Powerful, Broad-Based Support

Measures K & L Get Powerful, Broad-Based Support

Created: 09 September, 2016
Last update: 17 October, 2022

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - Advocates for Measures K&L announced the launch of their campaign Friday to win voter approval. Supporters say both Charter amendments, which will appear on the city ballot in November, ensure that the most important voter decisions are made when the most people vote -- the November general election.

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The diverse coalition supporting Measures K&L believe democracy functions best when the most people participate, and historically more people participate in the fall general election. However, the San Diego City Charter currently states that any candidate who garners 50% plus one of the vote in the June primary wins the election outright, meaning no general election is held.

"Special interests and political insiders exert more influence during the primary because fewer voters participate and decisions are often made by a tiny fraction of the electorate," supporters argue in a press release.

Measure K amends the City Charter to require any candidate running for city office to garner a majority in the November election to win. Measure L amends the Charter to require all local ballot measures to appear on the November ballot instead of the June primary ballot.

“Measures K&L are good for San Diego. It’s important that our most important civic decisions are made when the most San Diegans are engaged at the ballot box, and that is clearly in the November General Election, not the June primary," said San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria.

City Council President Sherri Lightner agrees. She is a staunch supporter of both measures.

"We should do everything we can as elected officials to ensure our citizenry feels empowered. Yes on K&L will make sure that the most important decisions in our city are made when the greatest number of voters are engaged,” Lightner stated.

Alan Arrollado, president of the San Diego Firefighters, said:

“When it comes to elections, there is no question more voters turnout for the November general election than the June primary. These two measures will ensure that when it comes to the biggest decisions that impact our city’s future, the most people will be participating at the ballot box. It’s why our local FireFighters support Measures K&L.”

Yes on K&L will hold a press conference on Friday, September 9, at 2:30 pm PDT at Civic Center Plaza.

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