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Support for Trump is More Diverse Than You Think

by Marisa Gomez, published

Donald Trump’s fan base looks different from what you might imagine. Some characterize Trump supporters as caucasian men, likely living on a farm in rural Wyoming. However, Trump support is quite diverse. 

Despite some of the comments we have heard from Trump and the media's response, women and minorities do not always shy away from the candidate. Trump has support from individuals of every demographic.

Trump does not lead in the polls with any of these groups. Women and minorities are not his strong suit, but many still plan to cast a ballot for him in November.

A pre-convention poll by Morning Consult reported that 36% of women supported Trump. In line with the convention bounce, Trump gained female support post-convention. Morning Consult estimated that his bounce with women may have been up to 6 points, bringing him to 42% of women voters.

Clinton leads Trump with women by an estimated 24 points based on research by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. That still leaves a sizable amount of women supporting the Republican nominee.

A Pew Research survey showed 24% of Latinos support Trump. Other polls show a range of Latino support between 20-25%. This may be shocking to many, especially because Latinos tend to lean to the left and many predicted Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric would deter Latinos.

Trump’s diversity continues with Muslims and African-Americans. Twitter, Facebook pages, and websites exist to garner support from varying demographics for Trump.

Sajid Tarar, a Muslim Immigrant, said a prayer during the end of the RNC. Tarar is in favor of Trump. Apparently, 11% of Muslims are, according to a poll conducted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations in March.

Trump is having a harder time with African-Americans. In some states, like Ohio, Trump has 0% of the African-American voting population on his side. Nationally, however, his support ranges between 4% and 12%.

The most surprising demographic that Trump draws from, for me at least, are liberals. As of January, 20% of Democrats were considering Trump. Of course, January was a long time ago in the election, but some moderate Democrats and anti-Clinton voters are showing surprising enthusiasm for the Republican “outsider” candidate.

Trump has support from many individuals in the military, among veterans, young people, the LGBT community, Indian-Americans, Jewish Americans, Christians, Asians, and every other demographic in between and beyond. Search “__________ for Trump” on Google and fill in the blank with almost any demographic. Web pages and campaigns will pop up for nearly all of them.

Support for Trump comes from everywhere. It is not just neo-conservatives, caucasians, or men. It may seem that way, but although Trump doesn’t have as strong of support from some of these other communities as Clinton does, Trump’s voter pool is as diverse as this nation.

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