Independent Candidate Lynn Kahn Lays Out 3-Part Plan to Neutralize Terrorism

Created: 15 July, 2016
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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"We just aren't honest!"

Independent POTUS Candidate

Dr. Lynn S. Kahn means to restore confidence in U.S. government. "We just aren't honest!" she said, in an interview for IVN.

Remarking on U.S. involvement with terrorism and the Middle East, Kahn said:

"When governments are using chemical weapons, barrel bombs, and tactics of starvation on civilian populations, we need to get involved. There are no easy answers, but I am going to balance support for peace-building efforts with tougher accountability from our partners, and a more honest dialogue with the American People. We are not honest. We are not honest about what we are doing, about the consequences of war-- the 1.3 million people who have died in our War on Terror, and how we are generating millions and millions of people who hate America.We aren’t honest about the consequences for the young men and women that we send to the Middle East as soldiers, and how they come back, and how we don’t take care of them. We're just not honest, and if we are going to have the right strategy, it has to begin with being honest with the American people."


"The U.S. needs a new foreign policy doctrine."

Kahn published an article, "Building Peace is Connected to Transforming Government," in Democracy Chronicles, which reiterates her concern that the U.S. government has many enemies, at home and abroad. In her words from the article:

"Peace-building means turning anger and hatred into solutions. Building peace here at home begins with the transformation of our justice and law enforcement systems. We must demonstrate that we can reduce and prevent all forms of violence, and reverse our history of incarcerating non-violent or mentally ill offenders. To restore the credibility, we need to reduce violence and conflict around the world."

In her interview for IVN, Kahn said that the purpose of U.S. foreign policy is to build peace, and the purpose of our military is to protect the homeland:

“This is the 21st Century. 2016 is the opportunity to launch an age of peace-building that balances building peace around the world, a US role of supporting cease fires and peace talks, while recognizing that there are violent and dangerous groups around the world that want to hurt us.”

Building peace and protecting the homeland are two points in her 5 point U.S. Foreign Policy Doctrine. Other points include having the strongest military, holding international partners accountable, and making wiser foreign policy decisions "based on different points of view, not just business, arms dealers, and imperial interests."

Kahn linked her vision of a new foreign policy to a demand for a new domestic dynamic, "DC needs to move toward peace-building, by bringing different political parties together on key issues, as well as increasing funding for peace-building," she said. Kahn believes that only an independent candidate can break the gridlock in Washington.

"There are 3 Parts to Neutralizing Terrorism."

Kahn identified three parts to neutralizing terrorism, related to the Middle East.

Defeat ISIS

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"...with the understanding of what going to war, or not, means, and the consequences. With the understanding of the consequences of the incredible number of drone strikes, which I would end on day one."

End Civil War through international partnerships

Kahn brought up several points under this goal including, again, ending drone strikes, requiring honest dialogue with partners about whose troops are on the ground, and clarifying who the U.S. will support and how:

"Why just U.S. troops on the ground? Are we going to train Sunni tribesman? Are we going to use Iraqi Shiite militias? How are we going to help Iraqi Kurds? We aren’t very clear about whose troops are going to be on the ground.Especially if requires street-by-street combat where chemical warfare is a possibility, we need to be absolutely honest with the American people, and demand accountability from our partners about what is going to happen."

Immediately work on the question of political structures that will help people in the region rebuild

"We have to have a plan now," said Kahn, "not like the Iraq war." Kahn criticized U.S. actions of firing civil servants, including military personnel and teachers, after the invasion of Iraq, without a plan for rebuilding. She said:

"We have to be smarter about starting the conversation about political structure, economic development, and revamping education in those regions now, even if the civil war hasn’t ended, and we haven't defeated terrorism."

Kahn says that the, "Kurdish, Sunni, and Shia leaders in the middle east-- and others," she added, "the smartest Americans" understand, and want to talk about, the importance of international economic development.

"In the 21st century, 'We the People' are wiser than warfare."

Kahn ended her interview by reiterating some of her common talking points -- politicians are disconnected from 'The People,' and it is she who can transform government, and build peace.

"In the 21st century, 'We the People' are wiser than warfare, and it is time that policies and leaders catch up with 'We the People.' People do not want war.I’m the only one talking about peace-building. I'm the only one talking about a new doctrine for foreign policy. I'm the only one talking about transforming government in America, and [I have] the knowledge to do it. We can’t be strong around the world if we are not strong at home, and we have a lot of work to do."

Disclosure: The author of this article is an elector for Dr. Lynn S. Kahn. 

Photo Credit: kirill_makarov / shutterstock.com

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