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A Liberal Democrat Explores Conservative America and Lives to Tell About It

by Joe McGovern, published

Starting in July 2015, IVN partnered with independent filmmaker Joe McGovern to produce a documentary titled: “The Other Side: A Liberal Democrat Explores Conservative America." Joe hit the road in October 2014 with his dog, Charlie, traveling 20,000 miles over 5 months, through 35 states, and giving over 80 interviews with conservative voters of different socioeconomic backgrounds. Working with IVN and the Foundation for Independent Voter Education (FIVE), Joe was able to raise over $50,000 to cover travel and production costs.

And what did Joe learn through this experience? That documentaries take time.

But seriously, he also learned a lot about how much “the other side” really isn’t that different, or divisive, or “bad.”

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Joe is putting the final touches on the documentary and will be sharing some previews of the video (See the first one featured above) over the next couple of months on IVN. Stay tuned...

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