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Undecided Nation: New Poll Shows Most Voters Up for Grabs in Presidential Race

by Better for America, published

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — A new poll released today by USA Today/Suffolk University found that this presidential election is “sparking feelings of alarm” for most voters. The most striking finding is that 44% of those surveyed were undecided.

Better For America (BFA), a nonpartisan organization establishing ballot access for an independent candidate to run for president in 2016, is poised to offer the American people a better choice.

The survey found that, “53% have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton; 60% have an unfavorable opinion of Trump.” Additionally, “Nearly one in five respondents hold a negative view of them both.”

As reported in USA Today, David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, said that a swing group whose lesser-of-two-evils choice could determine the outcome of a competitive election.

Better For America’s Executive Director, Anne MacDonald said, “The American presidency should never be about choosing the lesser of two evils. Our democracy is about choosing amongst the most qualified candidates who have the values, integrity and honor to lead our country." She added, "BFA is providing the pathway for that choice to emerge and for Americans to regain hope that there is another option.”

Further, in the USA Today article, Paleologos said, "Despite their negative feelings toward both candidates, when asked to choose between the two…Trump has a slight edge…the majority are up for grabs as these voters grapple with holding their noses and picking one of them or opting for a third party option. Or staying home, come November."

As BFA establishes an independent alternative and better choice for voters, those 44 percent who are undecided and view both candidates as unfavorable will not have to stay home in November.

BFA is building a pathway for a credible independent candidate to launch a presidential run through conventional ballot access measures and constitutional legal challenges to unduly restrictive state ballot requirements. In this year of unprecedented dissatisfaction with the two party candidates, this viable pathway will provide a leader with honor, integrity and one who can unite America the opportunity to compete in nearly all states and for substantially all votes in the electoral college.


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