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Sanders Says He’ll Vote for Clinton in Presidential Election

by Jeff Powers, published

Washington - While he isn't ready to throw in his campaign towel, Bernie Sanders says he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

Speaking on MSNBC Friday morning, Sanders was asked whether he planned to vote for Clinton, “Yes. Yeah, I think the issue right here is, I’m going to do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump," the Vermont senator said. "I think Trump, in so many ways, will be a disaster for this country if he were to be elected president.”

Sanders said he didn’t want to “parse words right now” when asked whether his vote would be for Clinton or against Trump.

“What I am trying to do right now is to make sure that the Democratic Party becomes a party that represents working people, not Wall Street, that is prepared to have an agenda that speaks to the need of creating millions of jobs, raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour, dealing with climate change, dealing with pay equity." - Bernie Sanders

Sanders said he’s “pretty good in arithmetic” and knows Clinton has more delegates. But he noted he’s bringing 1,900 delegates into the Democratic National Convention. He said his goal is to reinvigorate the party, bring in "new blood" and have a party that represents working people.

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