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San Diego 2016 Primary: Find Your Polling Place

by IVN News, published

San Diegans will head to the polls for the 2016 Primary on Tuesday, June 7. Voters will have the chance to vote on mayor, city attorney, and council members.

If you're an independent or "no party preference" voter interested in voting for president, you can request a Democratic ballot at the polls, while the Republican presidential primary is closed and does not allow independents.

Notable candidates include:
Mayor Ed Harris (Dem) Kevin Faulconer (Rep) Lori Saldaña (Indep)
City Attorney Gil Cabrera (Dem) Rafael Castellanos (Dem) Robert Hickey (Rep) Mara W. Elliott (Dem) Bryan Pease (Dem)
District 1 Barbara Bry (Dem) Ray Ellis (Rep) Bruce D. Lightner (Rep)
District 3 Anthony Bernal (Dem) Chris Ward (Dem)
District 7 Scott Sherman (Rep) Jose Caballero (Dem) Justin A. DeCesare (Dem)
District 9 Ricardo Flores (Dem) Georgette Gomez (Dem) Sarah Saez (Dem)

Google and Voting Information Project (VIP) teamed up in 2012 to give voters all the information they need in one place. Since then, Google has gained more partners each election year, and now provides the same location-based voting information along with The Pew Charitable Trusts and Internet Association.

Location-based information provides the nearest poll location, election date, sample ballot, and contact information for the secretary of state.

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