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IVN San Diego - A Different Type of News Source

by Jeff Powers, published

Hi friend,

We’re excited to bring the interactive nature of our national news platform, IVN, to the city of San Diego!

IVN San Diego is different from other news sources in the region because we are an open platform, which means you control the dialogue.

We invite you to participate in creating the news by writing articles about the issues that matter most to you. All we ask is that participants follow four etiquette guidelines when joining the conversation:

(1) No partisan attacks

(2) No personal attacks

(3) No self-promotion

(4) Substantiate your sources

We’ve found that this encourages people with a variety of viewpoints to engage in a more substantive debate. Our national page now reaches over 20 million people a month online and the IVN Facebook Page has over 350,000 fans - about half of whom are actually engaged on the page.

Our goal is to foster this same level of meaningful engagement on the local level, starting here in San Diego.

We invite you to join our community.

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