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Gary Johnson Receives Huge Endorsement in Bid for Libertarian Nomination

by Greg Parker, published

Gary Johnson’s bid for the Libertarian Party nomination continues to pick up steam after an endorsement from a key party official this week. William Redpath, a Virginia native, has spent years protecting the rights of independent and third party candidates, ensuring that they appear on ballots across the nation.

From 2006 to 2010, Redpath served as chairman of the National Libertarian Party. He’s been the chairman of the Virginia Libertarian Party and treasurer of the National Committee. And this week, he decided to endorse Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination.

Redpath said in his announcement:

“2016 presents the greatest opportunity nationally for the Libertarian Party in many years. For us to seize this opportunity, it is essential that our presidential candidate be credible, serious and a widely-recognized champion of small government and greater freedom. We are fortunate to have such a candidate in Governor Johnson. I am proud to support him, and look forward to working with him toward historic success in November.   I am also grateful for the Governor Johnson’s work, often behind-the-scenes, to help ensure that Libertarian candidates are not unfairly denied ballot access. The fight against those who try to keep us off the ballot never ends, and Governor Johnson has been and continues to be a great supporter of our efforts.”

After formally beginning his campaign on January 6, 2016, Johnson has received sizable support from politicians and celebrities alike. Governor Jesse Ventura, Judge Jim Gray, Daniel Hannan, and comedian Drew Carey are among his other notable endorsements.

Johnson received the third highest popular vote total in the 2012 presidential election, the highest in Libertarian Party history. With many voters becoming increasingly disenfranchised with the two-party system and jaded by their options, Johnson will likely become an even more popular alternative in 2016.

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