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News Coverage of CA Resolution to Adopt Nonpartisan Presidential Ballot

by Independent Voter Project, published

On Friday, February 26, California Assemblymember Kristin Olsen and State Senator Anthony Cannella, with the support of the Independent Voter Project, filed a resolution with the California State Assembly urging Secretary of State Alex Padilla to create an additional nonpartisan, presidential ballot that lists all presidential candidates, regardless of party.

California would continue to distribute partisan primary ballots for voters registered with a qualifying political party, but the resolution would allow for the creation of a nonpartisan "public ballot" for voters who either can't vote because a political party bars their participation or don't want to vote in a particular party's primary election.

Read the full resolution.

Read the Independent Voter Project's press release.

The resolution is currently being considered in the Assembly Elections Committee, and is gaining support and attention across California. Here are the latest headlines:

"Should California parties decide who votes in presidential elections?" - Sacramento Bee


"Assemblymember Kristin Olsen Says California Resolution Would Provide for a Nonpartisan “Public Ballot” Option for Presidential Primaries" - Sierra Sun Times


"Olsen, Cannella call for 'public ballot' option for presidential primaries" - Turlock Journal


"Why You Might Not Be Able to Vote for Trump" - Carl DeMaio,

"It's Your Money and Your Life" (Starting at 2:50) - Richard Muscio and Joe Vecchio, AM 760 KFMB

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