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Bloomberg Website Host Change Increases Speculation of Independent Presidential Run

by James Ryan, published

In an interesting technical maneuver, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has transferred his personal website from company servers to an independent host.  This move, remarkably similar to those taken prior to his successful bids for mayor, appears to indicate a step toward an independent bid for the presidency.

Up until mid-February, had been hosted on a server run by Bloomberg, L.P. -- Bloomberg's financial information company. The website is now hosted by, which provides web hosting and cloud services.

Corporations, even privately-held ones like Bloomberg's firm, may not make contributions of cash or services to candidates under federal campaign law. As a result, business executives who choose to run for office may either sever their campaign from their business (such as when Bloomberg stepped down from the leadership of his company prior to his mayoral bid), or reimburse their company from their campaign funds, such as presidential candidate Donald Trump (R).

Photo Source: Reuters

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