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Who Has Endorsed Donald Trump?

Created: 01 March, 2016
Updated: 16 October, 2022
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Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is dominating the GOP field right now, despite the fact that few took his candidacy seriously when he launched his campaign last summer. His anti-establishment appeal has not only won over many Republican voters, but despite having an unconventional campaign, he has one some high profile political  and business endorsements.

Here is a list of his biggest endorsements to date:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Maine Governor Paul LePage (previously endorsed Gov. Christie)

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (Alabama)

Former Massachusetts U.S. Senator Scott Brown

California U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter

New York U.S. Rep. Chris Collins

Tennessee U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais

Pennsylvania U.S. Rep. Tom Marino

Former U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode

Former California U.S. Rep. Doug Ose

Jeff Lord, associate political director for the Reagan administration

American Freedom Party

National Black Republican Association

Ann Coulter

Vice Media Co-Founder Gavin McInnes

National conservative columnist Diana West

Forbes Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes

Wynn Resorts Limited CEO Steve Wynn

NASCAR and NASCAR CEO Brian France

Charles and David Kushner, Kushner Properties

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson

UFC President Dana White

Wayne Allyn Root

Real Estate Mogul Carl Paladino

Carl Icahn

Nancy Mace

Note: This is a list of his most high-profile political and business endorsements and does not include all of his endorsements. A complete list can be found here. If someone is not featured on this list that you think should be, please let us know.

Photo Credit: a katz / Shutterstock.com