Latest Poll: Bernie Leads Hillary by 20 Points Going Into N.H. Debate

Author: IVN News
Created: 04 February, 2016
Updated: 16 October, 2022
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Bernie Sanders continues to dominate in New Hampshire, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street/Marist poll, even after Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of Monday's Iowa Caucus. Despite the huge lead in nearly every poll, Sanders says his campaign is treating this as a tight contest.

This week's NBC News/Wall Street/Marist poll shows Sanders leading Clinton 58-38, a 20-point advantage. This remained relatively unchanged from the previous week, despite whatever momentum Hillary supposedly carried with her from Iowa.

According to Real Clear Politics, Sanders currently has a double-digit lead in New Hampshire in all but one poll, including a whopping 31-point advantage in the latest CNN/WMUR poll. Sanders has a RCP average of +19.5 points in the Granite State.

Yet, Sanders said during the CNN Democratic Town Hall on Wednesday night that his campaign is going to continue to approach the New Hampshire primary and the election as the underdog, fighting "the most powerful political organization in the country."

"In general, we started this campaign nationally [...] 40, 50 points behind Secretary Clinton," Sanders said. "We had no money, we had no organization, and we had relatively little name recognition. I think it is fair to say we have come a pretty long way in the last 9 months."

When reminded about his position in the polls, Sanders said focusing on the numbers was a "media game."

"That's the media game. That's what the media talks about. Who cares? The point is, we're going to work as hard as we can to win," he said.

Photo Credit: Crush Rush / Shutterstock.com