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Joe Biden Predicts Clean Sweep for Democrats in 2016

Author: David Yee
Created: 29 January, 2016
Updated: 16 October, 2022
2 min read

Calling the Republican primary a 'gift from the Lord,' vice president Joe Biden (D) predicts that the infighting and antics will give the Democrats the opportunity for a clean-sweep -- House, Senate, and presidency -- in 2016.


While the Republicans are definitely 'vulnerable' in the Senate races in 2016 (see map), much more so than the Democrats in 2014, the House is still likely to remain a Republican playground.

What's truly amazing about the 2016 Senate races is how many of the contests, especially those with vacated seats (the pink and light blue states), are in toss-up, competitive states. These means these states will be bombarded with party coverage for not just the presidency, but for their senatorial tap as well.

But Biden, and the Democrats, have to be careful. Whoever wins the Republican primary is going to come out of it battle-toughened and with a razor-sharp honed message. So far, the bantering back and forth between Clinton and Sanders has really not toughened or sharpened either of their campaigns -- if anything. it has just given their opponents more ammunition for future battles.

One thing Biden was correct about, regardless of party ilk, is that parties have never been really good at advancing their agenda at the 'changing of the guard.' That is, they are too willing to distance themselves from their predecessor's policies in order to look 'fresh' or 'different' to the electorate.

Biden's message to the Democrats is just as true for the Republicans -- stay faithful to what you actually believe.

On both sides of the political aisle, there are candidates who are fundamentally challenging the party's core beliefs. From an independent perspective, this is a wonderful thing--and potentially opens the door for a wildcard like moderate-Republican Michael Bloomberg to run an independent to capture the political center.

But from a party standpoint, it could ultimately tear their organization apart. From the ashes might evolve something worse for the independently minded voters--a form of party extremism we still haven't even seen yet.

Biden is pretty poor when it comes to predictions; after all, he predicted holding the Senate in 2014.

But as a party-mouthpiece, he's still important to take notice of--even for the independents--to see which way the political 'winds of war' sway in Washington.

Photo Credit: Drop of Light / Shutterstock.com