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Beyond the Echo Chamber: A Roundup of Nonpartisan Election News -- November 10, 2015

by Jeff Marston, published

The latest headlines on nonpartisan voting rights from across the nation. Enjoy.

What Impact Could An Independent Run By Jim Webb Have on 2016?

Source:  Austin Plier, FairVote

My Take: An interesting piece exploring angles not often explored, including a role in the electoral vote outcome of a number of swing states--especially his native Virginia.


Unheard Voices: Why Aren’t More Californians Voting?

Source:  Caitlin Maple, PublicCEO

My Take:  While the article touches on the fact that large segments of the population are underrepresented at the polls and there is a seemingly endless discussion about this, one does wonder what is really being done to deal with it.


Top-Two Primaries, Third Parties, and the Rights of Individual Voters

Source: Chad Peace, San Diego City Beat

My Take: A good discussion of the institutional barriers placed on voter rights by the political parties--without an argument for less party involvement.


Nonpartisan Primaries Put Power In The Hands Of The People

Source:  Tiani X.Coleman, The Monitor (Concord, NH)

My Take:  With 43% of New Hampshire voters having no party affiliation, the author, tired of the partisan fighting, is calling out for her state to join a growing movement.


What If The Parties Didn’t Run Primaries?

Source:  Russell Berman, The Atlantic

My Take:  An extensive look not only at Nebraska, which has a top-two primary for state legislative races, but the nationwide movement toward such reform, including in Congress.


How About A Debate Between Ds And Rs on Parties’ Beliefs?

Source: Bob Mercer, Black Hills (SD) Pioneer

My Take:  It’s a look at voter frustration and how voters really no longer know what the parties actually stand for. From there, the article moves to remedies currently under discussion, including a nonpartisan primary. SOMETHING to make voters pay attention.

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