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Who Do Independent Voters Support for President?

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

According to the most recent data, 45 percent of American voters self-identify as independent of either the Republican or Democratic Party.

Yet, presidential polls focus almost exclusively on “high propensity” primary voters who tend to be heavily partisan. As a result, there is little information related to the sentiments of nonpartisan voters, even those who are registered or ‘lean’ toward a particular political party.

To better gauge where the broader electorate stands, IVN is conducting -- to the best of its knowledge -- the only presidential poll specifically for nonpartisan and independent-minded voters that incorporates approval voting, which allows participants to select as many candidates as they want.

Are you an independent-minded voter? If so, let us know whom you support:


The results of the poll will be published on with complete analysis.

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