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Why 2016 May Not Be A Great Year for Democrats After All

by James Ryan, published

As the 2016 election cycle continues -- spanning from the presidency to state legislatures -- the Democratic Party will have its work cut out for it as slow economic growth and declining presidential approval ratings continue to wreak havoc on its electoral prospects. Early polls indicate that the Democrats may hold the White House, but a Republican hold on Congress and increased influence at the state and local levels may render a Democratic presidency muted.


GOVERNORS United States Governors map.svg

Red: Republican     Blue: Democrat     Yellow: Independent/Other



State House

Lower House majority

Red: Republican     Blue: Democrat     Yellow: Independent/Other     Black: No Control


State Senate

Upper House majority

Red: Republican     Blue: Democrat     Black: No Control



U.S. Senate

Senators' party affiliations delegation by state.

Red: Both Republican     Blue: Both Democrat     Purple: One Republican and One Democrat *Maine has one Republican and one Independent *Vermont has one Democrat and one Independent

U.S. House

Percent of members of the House of Representatives from each party by state.

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