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Report: Ohio Republicans Spend over Half a Million to Keep Libertarian Off Ballot

by Caitlin Hurkes, published

The Columbus Dispatch reported Sunday that the Republican Party of Ohio spent nearly $600,000 to disqualify Libertarian candidate Charlie Earl from the 2014 governor's race.

The GOP previously disclosed that they spent nearly $300,000 to disqualify Earl, but by March the bill nearly doubled to $592,000.

The article states:

"The party paid Zeiger, Tigges & Little, a firm hired by a Republican consultant Terry Casey, who spearheaded the challenge.   Casey says he acted on his own.   The party says Casey only sought its financial help after the fact." - The Columbus Dispatch, 7/12/15

The Libertarian Party of Ohio is currently suing state Secretary of State Jon Husted over his decision to disqualify Earl from the 2014 ballot. The article from The Columbus Dispatch contends that "Earl might have drawn votes away from Republican Gov. John Kasich."

Read the full article here.

Image: Libertarian candidate Charlie Earl / Source: Libertarian Party of Ohio

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