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Gary Johnson Could Threaten Rand Paul's Libertarian Cred

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

The media is obsessed with Hillary Clinton -- especially now that she has officially launched her 2016 presidential campaign. Unlike Rand PaulTed Cruz, and soon Marco Rubio, Clinton didn't host a big event or make a major speech at a carefully chosen venue with a name that the candidate wants to be associated with -- like Liberty University or the Galt House Hotel or Freedom Tower. No, Clinton made her announcement in a two-minute video on social media, claiming she will be the champion for everyday Americans.

However, another potential presidential candidate indicated that he is planning another run for the White House; yet, very few media outlets are talking about it. The Daily Caller reported late last week that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate in 2012, said he is going to run again unless something "catastrophic happens." Johnson is currently focused on a lawsuit that would open presidential debates to third-party candidates, but during his interview with The Daily Caller, he did weigh in on one current presidential candidate.

"Asked about the libertarian-leaning Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s entrance into the race this week, Johnson said: “I like the fact that he’s running. I mean of all the Republicans, he’s the closest to my ideology. The things that we differ are immigration, marriage equality, women’s right to choose, drug policy and military intervention.”   But Johnson said of Paul: “He has to pander to the right to get the nomination. And it’s a process where Republicans right now are putting out candidates I think are unelectable in a general election.”   Johnson also disputed the characterization that Rand Paul is a libertarian. “Out of his own mouth, he in no way would describe himself as a libertarian,” Johnson said. “Because that is something he is running from right now to get the Republican nomination.”" - The Daily Caller

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