Only 'We The People' Can Bring Change to American Politics

Author: Greg Dorsey
Created: 08 January, 2015
Updated: 15 October, 2022
5 min read
Is it not frustrating, depressing, and sometimes infuriating to observe the typical "career politician" hard at work? Such elegant and manipulative ways with lingual sophistry coupled with elitist and aristocratic mannerisms?

This is not to say there are no just politicians with character and integrity who are selfless and truly believe in the greater good. There are many, but unfortunately they seem to be a minority when observing the whole; and even if many career politicians possess valuable and honorable traits, haven’t they allowed their partisan party ideals to cloud their objectivity and in turn hinder the governing process?

Would you not agree that when considering the synergy of all parts, our two-party system seems to be played out like a sporting event? There is a red team and there is a blue team, and each time they collectively step onto the playing field (ie., voting on and creating legislation), their team goal is to win at all cost, to take the victory and retain league dominance.

They sometimes win fairly and by the rules, and sometimes they cheat; a quick rib strike here, a calf/achilles stomp there, aggressive trash talking, jersey holding, you name it. Is this what our modern American federal and state legislatures have become? A team sport?

Has it not become clear that millionaires, billionaires, lobbyist, special interest groups and advocacy groups, with millions upon millions of dollars at their disposal, are capable of influencing self-serving politicians more than a community of constituents? Has it not become clear that most of our federal (and many state, county and city) politicians started out wealthy, and are becoming wealthier, and have become consumed with the idea of a perpetual political position so they may sustain that level of control, power, and wealth? Has it not become clear that “control” is what this is all about?

The definition of aristocracy: any class or group considered to be superior, as through education, ability, wealth, or social prestige.

The definition of plutocracy: a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.

Capitol Hill is full of Ivy League graduates, lawyers, millionaires, and second or third generation political families (how many Kennedys have served?). America has seen close cousins as presidents, father/son presidents, and potentially husband/wife presidents (at the least a husband president and wife secretary of state, and Hillary’s 2016 decision is right around the corner).

The fact of the matter is, when the majority of "We the People" vote, we are voting for “them” as “they” are the ones with the financial backing and relations to run a crushing campaign machine. Can independent candidates compete? Can minor parties compete? Is this democracy or does it smell of aristocracy and plutocracy?

So the million dollar question is: are "We the People" capable of generating an era of betterment, fine-tuning, and evolution within our American democracy, the American democracy that we supposedly own? Can "We the People" take back what is ours from those that stealthily practice aristocracy and plutocracy, and those that perpetuate partisan paralysis?

If "We the People" could just arrive at this realization as a whole: "We the People" are the country, so in turn, "We the People" are the government! This is the gift that our U.S. Constitution gave us, right?

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So I ask you this as a peer, as a friend, and as a concerned American citizen:

WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO ABOUT IT? **Peacefully and legally of course.

• Are you prepared to sacrifice time and energy to circulate and collect petition signatures for ballot measures, the formation of minor parties and/or to allow independent candidates ballot access?

• Are you prepared to sacrifice time and energy to attend live rallies and live forums supporting government reform issues?

• Are you prepared to meet with and write letters/emails to your state representatives explaining your point of view on the issues at hand?

• Are you prepared to sacrifice time and energy by becoming an active part of the organizations and movements that you identify with that are rising up in your state and/or town?

• Are you prepared to start discussions and debates within your work circles, friend circles, and/or family circles, and then point individuals toward active organizations if there is interest or agreement?

• Are you prepared to become a state or town coordinator for an organization you identify with?

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• Are you prepared to start your own organization or movement and lead by example?

• Are you prepared to sacrifice time and energy to compose and share your thoughts and ideas whether it be an article, a blog post, a Facebook post, a bulk email, or a simple letter to friends and family?

• Are you prepared to donate some of your disposable income to the organizations that you identify with?

• Are you prepared to volunteer and work on an independent candidate’s or a minor party candidate’s campaign?

• Would you consider running for public office or recommending to a friend or family member that they should run for public office?

The list could go on and on…

If you feel dissatisfied, discouraged, and disenfranchised when it comes to American democracy, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, as you can most certainly help procure change and participate in many ways, shapes, and forms (and without simply voting for the lesser of two evils which only validates the current system). Be creative and learn to channel your energy. For if we do nothing other than complain and read about what others have done, well, then I blame you, I blame me, I BLAME WE THE PEOPLE.

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