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Our Enemies’ Agenda of Anarchy

Created: 18 December, 2014
Updated: 15 October, 2022
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“Anarchy—shall I say, is the worst of all governments? No: Anarchy is the absence of all government; it is the antipodes of order; it is the acme of confusion; it is the result of unbridled license, the antipodes of true liberty. The Apostle Paul says truly: ‘For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.’ At first this is a startling statement. Even the monopoly of the one-man-power as in Russia , or the monopoly of the aristocracy as in other parts of Europe, or the imbecility and sometimes stupidity of a republic like our own, is far better than no government at all…” –U.S. Western Colonizer, Erastus Snow, 1881

Who is NOT angry at the news stories ricocheting across America? Police are arresting those feeding the homeless; innocent kids are being shot; excessive force by police seems to be the new norm; all while the president decrees amnesty in disregard to the Constitution with Congress doing nothing.

In today’s America, money has purchased the power to pollute our land, while safe and profitable (i.e. legitimate) uses of our land and natural resources — like the Keystone Pipeline -- are completely shut down. It seems like every day brings Americans more and more into the Twilight Zone, and further and further away from the republic our Founders gave us.

Scientists tell us that it’s the brain’s Orbitofrontal Cortex which stops humans from knee-jerk impulses in decision-making. These impulses can be anywhere from over-eating, making purchases, or saying something inappropriate to a person of the opposite sex. In the spiritual world, we call this bridling your passions, or keeping covenant-derived boundaries around one’s desires, appetites, and passions.

In the movie popular with the liberty-minded, V for Vendetta, the story follows a shadow-hero named “V” as he inspires physical rebellion and anarchy among a people (England) under tyrannical control. But the suggestion to the American people that chaos is the solution to current tyranny doesn’t end there. Yes, there are the obvious media personalities who promote anarchy and civil unrest, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but there are also more elusive personalities.

Alex Jones and InfoWars.com is sure to get your blood pumping with anger, while presenting solutions in the form of videos and merchandise to purchase. This breeds more anger, sapping the intellectual lifeblood of awareness to actual solutions.

Alex Jones does a good job of informing the listener of the problem, but then asks his show's listenership to sacrifice doing on the altar of knowing, in hopes that by now your addiction to anger leaves you handicapped. Today, Alex Jones’ InfoWars Magazine artwork is akin to a Meatloaf or Iron Maiden album cover.

And InfoWars is the

big media outlet in the business of pointing out everything that’s wrong. There’s hundreds and even thousands of smaller establishments that duplicate and/or replicate InfoWars. (As much as I like Chuck Baldwin, he perpetuates much of this same message).

Let me ask, is your personal endgame to InfoWars news you being sick to your stomach? Is the finale result of the message spite or hatred? Our enemies would hope so.

Has the French Revolution taught us anything, or are Americans so naïve to think that nothing like what we are going through now has every happened in history? As a very quick history lesson, in the years 1789-1799 France went from fighting tyranny to fighting anarchy (and the bloodbath that ensued), and finally settling on Napoleon Bonaparte and a period of military rule (tyranny).

The reason for the final ending: French citizens who had lived through both tyranny AND anarchy preferred tyranny.

Make no mistake, our enemies want us fearful, angry, rebellious, and (if possible) violent. Our enemies are not only whittling away at the Constitution, they are whittling away at your desire for a peaceful resolve, the patriotic Orbitofrontal Cortex of you and I.

Jesus lived in a time of creeping tyranny too, yet said, “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him…” (Matt 5:25) It is true that as time progressed, he added, “…But now…he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” (Luke 22:36)

I, and we in the IAP, totally and completely advocate defending a direct attack on your life, liberty and property with necessary force. But as a society, we cannot get caught up in the

intent of the media and others condoning and even advertising violence and anarchy as the solution.

Anger breeds anger. Ferguson is a good example of this.

Michael Brown had just robbed a store. The store owner would have been within his God-given rights to defend his property. Then, moments later. he was killed in the streets by a police officer under circumstances which are speculative. A grand jury was convened to decide if charges should be brought up against officer Darren Wilson, with the determination being, “no.”

Many didn’t agree with the verdict, and so there’s the fork in the road in the discernment of We the People. Does one in disagreement agree with their adversary quickly, or make the determination that it’s time to use my “sword,” to burn, riot, and destroy someone else’s property?

Our enemies, with their military industrial complexes, are counting on mass rioting. They EXPECT anarchy. Their plan is to incite it! And they are confident that their plans will come to fruition.

In the French Revolution, the people went from tyranny to anarchy to tyranny, and nothing was ever improved upon while hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. In OUR case, more is at stake!

If we incite anarchy, our enemies will have license to bring in full-blown tyranny, and we will have went from a republic to anarchy to tyranny, and THEN we won’t be able to bring back our republic except at the cost of a duplicate American Revolution. For in the words of godly Constitutionalist J. Reuben Clark:

“I say to you that the price of liberty is and always has been blood, human blood, and if our liberties are lost, we shall never regain them except at the price of blood. They must not be lost.”

There may come a time when the solution will be with the sword, but that will only be in defense of life, liberty, property, our wives, our children, and our religion — all that we hold near and dear. The sword of true patriotic, independent Americans will never be wielded for anarchy causes, or to incite hatred, division, or revenge.

Today, the solution is actively educating, inviting and presenting solutions to the minds and hearts of 1) those in authority today, and 2) those we are advocating to be in authority tomorrow. This is in addition to the abolition of political parties, which are magnets for divisiveness, love of power, and winning at all costs (the Spirit of Party).

What Americans REALLY desire is enough law to protect life, liberty, and property, while also NOT being abusive or oppressive— in other words, a republic! In 1887, a lady asked Benjamin Franklin on the streets of Philadelphia, “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”

“A Republic…” replied Franklin “…if you can keep it.”

To finish Erastus Snow’s comments from the beginning of this article:

“…And for this reason, says the Apostle Paul, ‘The powers are ordained of God,’ not that they are always the best forms of government for the people, or that they afford liberty and freedom to mankind, but that any and all forms of government are better than none at all, having a tendency as they do to restrain the passions of human nature and to curb them, and to establish and maintain order to a greater or less degree. One monopoly is better than many; and the oppression of a king is tolerable, but the oppression of a mob, where every man is a law to himself and his own right arm is his power to enforce his own will, is the worst form of government.”

Editor's note: This article was originially published on December 8, 2014 on IndependentAmericanParty.org and has been edited for publication on IVN.

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