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5 California Statewide Races Came Down to the Wire on Election Night

by Steve Baker, published

On November 4,, 2014, during the general election, millions of California voters exercised their right to vote and have chosen the direction they want for the state. Like much of the United States, California’s political landscape is changing as independent voter registration continues to increase and candidates must now become more appealing to broader voter demographics.

California is one of two states using a nonpartisan, top-two open primary system, which puts all candidates, regardless of political affiliation, on a single ballot for all voters to consider.

Five races were labeled as close-contests by the secretary of state's office during the election. The race for governor, on the other hand, was one-sided throughout the night, ending with a midnight concession speech given by Neel Kashkari.

Six propositions appeared on the ballot as well, three of which were approved by voters.

Here are the results for the statewide general election as of Wednesday morning:


Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lt. Governor

Attorney General

Secretary of State



Insurance Commissioner

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