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Independent Voter Registration in Florida Increases 60K Since June

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

Independent voters in Florida continue to grow in number and make up a notable percentage of the voting population, according to recent voter registration data. Since June 2013, the number of voters registered as not affiliated with any party -- major or minor -- increased by over 60,000 voters -- 60,419 to be precise. This is a 2 percent increase going into the midterm election year.

Of the roughly 11.7 million voters registered in Florida, unaffiliated voters currently make up about 23 percent, close to a quarter of the voting population. Democrats currently make up the biggest percentage of voters at 39 percent, followed by Republicans at 35 percent. Minor party registration increased by almost 7,600 since June and now makes up 3 percent of total registration.

Comparing odd-year voter registration with midterm or presidential election year registration wouldn't paint an accurate picture or show just how much the major parties are losing ground in Florida. While the Florida Division of Elections page for

voter registration statistics may not be the most organized, there is an obvious trend in voter attitudes in the state.

In 2011, the number of registered voters not affiliated with either major party -- this includes independent, third party, and decline-to-state voters -- was approximately 23 percent of the voting population. In 2013, this number increased to over 25 percent (closer to 25.3%) or one-quarter of the voting population. As of February, voters not registered with either major party make up 25.5 percent of voters going into the midterm elections.

There is no question that voters are frustrated with the two major parties as they have abandoned the people in pursuit of their own agendas and interests. More and more voters are choosing to reject party labels altogether and are registering as independents. This is not a trend isolated to a single state either. Nationally, 42 percent of Americans now self-identify as independent of the major parties and independent registration grew 11 percent in a 5-year period.

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