IVN Users Recommend New Year’s Resolutions for Congress

To help us ring in the New Year, we asked our community of independent-minded voters on Facebook to suggest one New Year’s resolution for Congress.

While many responses showcased dissatisfaction with the current Congress, asking for their resignation, hundreds of independent-minded voters identified issues that will likely be at the forefront of political debate in 2014.


Minimum Wage: Should Congress raise the minimum wage to $15.00/hour?

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If you could suggest one New Year's resolution for Congress, what would it be?

Term Limits: Should all politicians have agreed upon term limits?

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Work More Days: If Congress reduces the numbers of day they work in 2014, should they receive a pay cut?

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Gender Equality: How can Congress help bridge the gender gap in politics?

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“Stop Trying to Defund the Affordable Care Act”

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Do Its Job

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