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Return to IVN's Frontpage Looks at 12 Years of 'Little Tyrannies' under Michael Bloomberg

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

Michael Bloomberg is about to leave office after 3 terms as mayor of New York City. His mayorship was not without controversy and many civil libertarians, conservatives, and Republicans have criticized him for several policies that were enacted under his leadership.

Libertarian-leaning publication, Reason, published a YouTube video on Tuesday that highlights what they call Bloomberg's "little tyrannies." It is likely most people remember recent controversies like his proposed soda ban and the most recent act of banning e-cigarettes, but some may have forgotten -- or don't know -- about other controversial policies under his administration.

The video begins with his ban on smoking in restaurants and bars, and then goes on to include the controversial spying program conducted by the NYPD on Muslim communities in the city, the proposed use of eminent domain to build an Olympic Stadium, his successful efforts to get the city council to rescind a voter approved term limit law only to reinstate it after winning a third term, the NYPD's response to Occupy Wall Street, mandating a lecture on breast-feeding before new mothers can purchase formula at city hospitals, and many more controversial and sometimes unusual programs and policies.

It goes without saying that individuals who reject a large, over-reaching government will not miss Michael Bloomberg and will, in fact, be happy to see him leave. However, it is not likely they will be too pleased with his replacement. Libertarians, conservatives, and Republicans are at a major disadvantage as they are overwhelmingly outnumbered in a city where progressive candidates like Bill de Blasio thrive.

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