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It's Official: The 113th Congress is the Most Disliked Ever

by Jane Susskind, published


This just in: The 113th Congress could be the most unpopular congress ever, with Americans' approval of the way Congress is handling its job dropping to 9% -

the lowest in Gallup's history.

Solidifying what almost every American already knew, Gallup reports:

"The government shutdown in October clearly didn't help Congress' image, and it appears that the impact of that incident may linger, given the record-low approval this month."

This is the same Congress that was reported to be the most divided ever back in July, and the same Congress that let partisanship get in the way of a functioning government back in October.

This is the same Congress that has stalled on passing legislation on immigration reform, privacy, tax reform, and sequestration.

This is the same Congress that jeopardized veteran benefits during the government shutdown, yet sent an array of press releases stressing the importance of honoring our veterans.

And this is the same Congress that recently voted to reduce the number of workdays while maintaining a $174,000 salary (while the median American household income at $51,017 a year in 2012, with 15% of Americans living in poverty).

While over 40% of Americans no longer identify with the Republican or Democratic party, 99.6% of Congress does. So did we really need Gallup to tell us that something is wrong in the legislative branch?




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