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Federal Deficit Now A Top Concern Across Political Spectrum

by Fix The Debt, published

Two recent polls make clear that deficits/debt are a major concern for Americans and that they are willing to accept tough choices as part of a comprehensive approach to put the country on the right track.

A poll commissioned by Fix the Debt shows that the federal budget deficit is the top issue for voters, tied with the economy. Perhaps even more important, the poll also illustrates that Americans are willing to support substantive reforms as part of a comprehensive deficit reduction package that they would not necessarily endorse as standalone measures.

Most polls look at possible deficit reduction ideas in a vacuum, simply asking respondents if they support or oppose a particular spending cut or revenue increase without any context. The new poll went beyond the traditional approach in gauging support for specific entitlement and tax reforms as part of a comprehensive deficit reduction plan. The results are quite informative.

Entitlement changes in the abstract do not poll well, garnering only 34% in our poll, but when the same sample is asked about entitlement reform combined with cutting wasteful government spending and increasing revenues by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy, support jumps to 61%. Support for such a comprehensive package is strong across party lines.

FtD poll - issues

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