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74% of Americans Want to Audit the Federal Reserve

by Chad Peace, published

The latest poll from Rasmussen shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans want to audit the Federal Reserve. The movement to audit the fed was born out of the libertarian faction of the Republican Party when Ron Paul ran on the issue of "End the Fed" in his 2008 presidential bid.

His son, Rand Paul, has taken up the cause and has won the support of representatives, and Americans, from all sides of the political spectrum, including Bernie Sanders. And now, most Americans are joining them.

Americans still overwhelmingly favor a public audit of the Federal Reserve, perhaps in part because a sizable number think the Fed chairman has too much power over the economy.

Rand Paul has also teamed up with the Campaign for Liberty to make a push to Audit the Federal Reserve. In a statement by Paul, he said he would hold up (filibuster) the nomination of Dr. Janet Yellen as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve when she comes up for vote unless Federal Reserve Transparency Act (also known as “Audit the Fed”), is also considered.

Watch: Rand Paul and Campaign for Liberty

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