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Rand Paul: War on Drugs Hurting the Black Community

by Chad Peace, published

Rand Paul, like his father, has oft been labeled a "racist" by those, especially within their own party, that don't like their limited government positions. But whether you agree or disagree with either Paul, those who are close to the family strongly believe that nothing could be further from the truth; any perceived racism is a result of policy positions in support of more limited government, not to hurt minorities.

But when it comes to the war on drugs, Rand Paul, like his father, is adamant about the negative consequences he believes the war on drugs has had on our most vulnerable poor and minority communities.

" " tweeted Kevin W. Cosby, 

senior African American pastor at St. Stephen Church in Louisville, Ky. "At least he was trying to provide some answers and solutions," Cosby told local 11News. "He has his finger on the pulse on what I believe are the preeminent issues in the urban community."

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