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Thursday's Fast Food Protests: “Weigh” in on the Minimum Wage

by Jane Susskind, published

NEW YORK - Today hundreds of people gathered in front of a McDonalds on Fifth Avenue with thousands more expected to join in over 50 cities.  The LA Times reports:

About 500 people, including workers, activists, religious leaders, news crews and local politicians, gathered outside the McDonald's on Fifth Avenue. The protesters chanted "Si Se Puede" ("Yes, We Can") and "Hey, hey, ho, ho $7.25 has got to go," holding signs saying "On Strike: Can't Survive on $7.25," referring to the federal minimum wage.Th

The Federal minimum wage has created much debate over the years from all different sides of the aisle. Is it too low, too high, should there even be a minimum wage?

We want to know, what do you think about the minimum wage? Leave a comment to join the discussion.

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich would argue that the minimum wage is too low:

We, the taxpayer, are subsidizing basic living needs for persons making minimum wage when employers should be paying a livable wage to begin with. Tweet

Many low-wage employers spend the money they could have used on wages to pay ever-increasing excessive executive salaries and bonuses in the millions. ~Dennis Kucinich

On the other end of the aisle former Congressman Ron Paul advocates getting rid of the federal minimum wage completely:

Minimum wage laws & mandating union contracts (closed shop) are designed to help a small segment of workers gain economic advantage while actually hurting unprotected workers. Long term, even the beneficiaries suffer from the unemployment that excessive wage demands bring about. High wages are great, but if there are no jobs they become meaningless. Tweet

In a free society with free markets, workers should always negotiate for the highest wage, while businesses should always strive for maximum profits. ~Ron Paul

3 more reasons why the minimum wage is too low.
3 more reasons not to raise the minimum wage.

Who do you agree with? Paul, Kucinich, or neither? Leave a comment to let us know!

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