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Taxpayer Confidence In Government Spending Decreasing

by Alex Gauthier, published

The debate on tax policy seems to emerge once every year as budget negotiations deadlock and little substantive progress is made to address the nation's fiscal needs.

This last cycle, negotiations culminated under the 'fiscal cliff' which has since disappeared from media airwaves. Consequently, voters are left out of the real discussion concerning tax policy.

The infographic designed by highlights the fact that American attitudes on wasteful government spending have dramatically shifted over the years. When asked, "Does government waste our tax dollars?" in 1958, 43 percent of respondents replied "a lot." When asked the same question in 2012, 73 percent of respondents had the same answer.

On the other side of the coin, 10 percent of Americans in 1958 responded "not much." In 2012 that number has dropped to 4 percent.

Concern over whether or not taxpayer dollars are spent effectively has grown significantly over the last half-century. What hasn't grown, however, is the political will to fix it.


Source: Master of Accounting

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